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Duke University

2006 - 2010


Natalie Giusto  


חשבון לבית הספר היסודי

קצת על נטלי

I am a certified, experienced Algebra teacher who has worked with nearly 800 students over the last 6 years.  I am passionate about mathematics and believe that everyone has the potential to be successful!  I currently reside in Medellin, Colombia were I teach Algebra 1 at a bilingual American School.

Level 1 Teaching Certificate

Level 1 Teaching Certificate - Other

Identity Document


נושאי לימוד

ACT Math, Algebra, Beginning Algebra, Geometry, Math, SAT Math,

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ניסיון לימוד

Algebra 1 Teacher

The Columbus School

Algebra 1 and 2 Teacher

Edna Karr High School
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